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Makerspace Design

Modern education is gradually moving away from the siloed department model, where there is little interaction between subjects, and toward integrated learning, where students combine knowledge across disciplines and collaborate to produce more meaningful, personalized, creative  products.  To facilitate these new programs, schools are also reintroducing “shops” in which students can learn physical construction skills like woodworking and design, but with the addition of modern technologies like 3D printing and programmable electronics; these are referred to as “Makerspaces,” and can even be implemented as mobile resource carts.  Read more here: What is a Makerspace?

Our company is excited to participate in this shift in spaces, and we are fortunate to have direct experience in implementing and teaching in a variety of Makerspace models.  There is a proven Maker model for every budget and grade level.  We're ready to help design a Making program for your school!

Example Making Skills

Example Making Projects

Support & Maintenance

Maintaining a Makerspace can be a daunting and expensive task.  Equipment needs to be maintained to a high standard of safety, which can often require significant investment of time and expertise.  Technical support often costs hundreds of dollars upfront just for phone support, and even more for an on-site technician. 


Teachers should be teaching!  We offer tiered maintenance plans and on-call support for your Makerspace or shop.  Our service provides regular maintenance to keep equipment running safely and efficiently, and we can typically respond to issues on-site within 24 hours.

We encourage you to be proactive about supporting your space or workshop.  Safety is our first priority, and proper maintenance is key.  Protect your students and your institution's investment with our support plans.  Please contact us for more information.

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