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Modern Maker Innovations was founded by a husband and wife team with decades of experience teaching Computer Science, engineering, entrepreneurship, Earth Sciences, Biology, and research methodology to students of all ages.  We're proud to have practiced a variety of novel teaching models in the classroom, and to have seen the transformative power that technology integration has on student engagement and retention.

With terminal degrees in science and education, and having grown up in the Digital Age, we believe that we have unique experience and perspective on progressive education models.  We believe that no one curriculum fits every institution, and that a successful student is one that is empowered to think creatively and to pursue their own original ideas.  As such, we value non-traditional classrooms and assessments, and seek hands-on learning opportunities.

Professional and academic excellence is defined by one's ability to connect ideas across disciplines.  This ability engenders the spark of originality; thus our learning spaces and curricular goals should immerse students in multiple disciplines and provide the tools for realizing their ideas.  We strongly promote the Makerspace as an ideal setting for such learning, and are proud to be the only area company providing dedicated support for them.

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